2019 Reports - Church Activities and Audited Financial Reports

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2020 Reports - Audited Financial Reports

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Food preparation and handling, food handling agreement and training

  • See resource below from Baptist Insurance:

  • Note: During COVID Pandemic no serving of food that involves sharing of platters of food and sharing of utensils. Basically each person to be served individually with no hands touching where other hands have been.

Extract from the Association of Baptist Churches in NSW&ACT:

What are the requirements for serving food/drink?

There is no specific contagion risk with food and COVID-19, however the main issue is around people being close together and/or touching the same utensils when serving or receiving food. Having designated servers (ideally with gloves and masks while they serve) is OK provided there is either space or a barrier between the people walking along the buffet and the actual food. This is to avoid droplets from breathing doesn’t touch and/or make contact with the food

NSW COVID Food Safety training: https://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/covid-19-awareness-food-service-training

  • Follow link to ACT Health information and free Food Handling training.